Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks to help overcome the difficulties of threading a sewing needle.

Safe threadingRwebaXxMUmrQIJ

My grandmother taught me 55 years ago how to safely thread a needle. Double fold the thread for about 3 inches in a loop and thread the needle, then pass the needle in the loop and pull, the thread is securely fix to the needle and if you lose the needle, it is always easy to find. I get many needles ready for hand sewing.

Threading a needle Menow

I keep my beeswax handy and rub my thumb and fore finger on it. Next, I pull the last inch of thread between my fingers. That keeps the thread stiff and makes it easier for me to hit the eye.

Threading hand needleswtb61

My mother couldn’t afford glasses (during the depression) so she bought embroidery needles, which have an elongated eye. I used them as a child, and I still use them, as the threading is so much easier. Embroidery needles come in various sizes, from small to large, so I usually buy the variety pack. Those needles really help with limited vision.

One eye Emma

When threading the needle, close one eye. It works really well because the vision balancing is done for you. No optical illusions here!

Needle threading Sewer

Two solutions: on a machine, paint the area behind the needle (the ankle) with white paint – nail polish or correction fluid and be sure to trim the thread on an angle with sharp scissors. For hand sewing needles, trim the thread, hold it tightly between your thumb and forefinger right up at the end. Then ‘needle the thread’: slide the needle right down over the thread. Also be sure to use the right size needle for the thread size.

Threading Sewing Machine Needles  Jacquiejg

My worst job and puts me off using the machine regularly. I find that just tearing off a little piece of white paper and holding it behind the needle eye helps make the hole clearer for threading. Without this I cannot thread one at all but will inspect the needle as did not realise was larger at one side than another.

Bring Needle toward the threadJune

I am right-handed. I pinch the tip of the thread between my left thumb and forefinger so that just about 1/16 of an inch of the thread shows; then hold the needle in my right hand and bring the eye of the needle over to the thread and it slips right on. I was shown this trick some years ago, and it has seldom failed me. – Good Luck and Keep on Sewing!!

Threading a sewing needleLinda

I got so frustrated at getting the thread in the hole and then losing it as I tried to pull it through. I now hold a piece of scotch tape behind the hole and then pull it through.

How to thread a needle mdadgari

I find it helps if you cut the thread at an angle. That would create a point, making it easier to thread needles.

Threading needles Careema

The needle hole is wider on one side, so I just turn the needle over.